I have been reading and watching a lot of reviews about what had become the board game that made it to the top of my w84.it list. It is a pretty pricey game and I only budget $1.66 for non-essential items like video games and board games a day so I had about 20 days to wait before I could get my hands on it. After reading the rules I decided it wouldn't be too hard to repurpose some components from other games to try it out. We just happened to have enough colored cubes from other games and the player mats were simple enough that after about 20 minutes of work I had everything set up. Sooyeon and I played a game and we were both very underwhelmed. That meant that the money I had been saving for this game could be used on something else so I picked up a video game that was next on my list. It was cheaper and much more fun than the board game turned out to be.

This is the idea behind w84.it a web and Android application I have worked on for the past few weekends. Psychologists have learned through studies that seeing representations of the things you desire helps you wait for them longer. Having a list helps you get to cool/slow/rational thinking as opposed to hot/fast/impulsive thinking. The checkout lanes of grocery stores are essentially gauntlets of temptation, lined with impulse purchase items like candy and tabloid magazines. The same happens frequently online when you are bombarded with advertisements for things they know you want. The good news is that you can train yourself to control your impulses and be more mindful and deliberative about what you want to spend your money on. w84.it was built with that goal in mind. If you find yourself really wanting something you just found out about you can add it to your list and then compare it with the other things you had been planning on getting for a while. w84.it helps you keep a budget and avoid buyer's remorse.

If you are interested in trying it please head to w84.it or download the Android app. I would appreciate any feedback you have.