Debian isn’t perfect, but it is perfect for me (and I feel that a lot of other people would benefit from using it). Gentoo Linux is definitely something that every Linux user needs to try out. It’s a from source distribution. But I’m a here and now guy. I don’t want to wait overnight while software compiles to try it the next day and find out that I don’t like it (and my laptop overheats a lot too). I found that Debian is almost as fast anyway. I can have new software in a couple seconds and try it out. I have heard many people complain that a new version of Debian hasn’t been released in a while. They have no idea what the power of Debian is. Every second a new version is released and you can upgrade your software to it with two commands: apt-get update; apt-get upgrade. I also tried out Fedora recently and it reminded me of how ugly and annoying RPMs are. Apt-get is way more powerful. I know that you can use apt-get on Fedora, but it’s ugly. Yum wants to download a header file for every package in its database. Yuck. Debian is really easy to upgrade and update and it comes in two flavors: one for the servers I will administer and one for my personal machine, bleeding edge, etc. Debian is the distro for manageablity.